Hi! Greetings, Liebe Grusse and Groetjes.  I am Tracy McCafferty, and I have spent the majority of my adult life living in Germany, Holland and Austria.  Since I was born in America, that makes me an expatriate, and since my kids were born in a country other than the one of their citizenship and have lived in European settings most of their lives, that makes them Third Culture Kids (TCKs).  Third Culture Kids (also referred to as Global Nomads) have some incredibly diverse experiences, and as a result, some dynamic strengths, and also some  unique challenges.  As a life-long learner interested in cultures, languages and stories, I have become incredibly interested and invested in the study of the culture, language and unique stories of the individuals that live this lifestyle.  With a background in journalism, English and counseling, it felt like a natural progression for me to help share the  special stories, strengths and challenges of this population and provide a forum for insights, information and interaction. For all the TCKs, their family members and friends, and anyone interested in this exceptional population, welcome, Wilkommen and welkom.



  1. cvheerden

    Hi. Awesome blog! My birth country, East Germany, does not even exist anymore. Lived in the former East, West, London, USA, last 8 years in South Africa, raising kids who speak 3 languages fluently while doing church and community projects in South Africa. Returning to Germany feels weird as one is not up to date with current jokes and TV shows, etc, In South Africa whites are either British or Afrikaans, but I am neither – to constantly explain where one is from becomes painful, because in the end one would just like to be a person. 🙂 Home: Earth

  2. Thanks so much. What a unique life you’ve lived. Definite pluses and minuses to this TCK experience! I love your final assessment that Home: Earth, and would add to that a comment from a 7th grade TCK who I asked this question, Home is anywhere I am with the people I love most in the world. Best Regards!

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