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Transient Traditions

 Soup and Spa Receipts – New Thanksgiving Tradition? So Thanksgiving weekend came and went, and, with all the activity, I couldn’t help thinking about another reality for Third Culture Kids. Often the celebrations of global families are a lot less traditional (long standing and handed down from generation to generation) and a lot more transient …

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Creative Connections

So here I am, down to the wire, trying to meet a self-made deadline of one post a month to my TCK Talk Blog.  The bad news is, I don’t have much time. The good news is, I have spent much of my time this month on something that is quite important to Third Culture …

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“Home” for the Holidays

For Third Culture Kids, the definition of home is a tricky one.  For people who are often on the move, develop roots and then are uprooted, have family, friends and passports in and from a country in which they don’t reside, the word “home” is never easy. So now, it’s holiday time, and we have …

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